Potassium Nitrate

Potassium Nitrate

Potassium Nitrate


an indispensable component in all well-balanced fertigation programmers for potassium and nitrogen’, both for soil grow crops & hydroponic systems.

Chemical Properties
Total nitrate nitrogen contents (NO3) 13%
Total Pottasium contents (K2O) 46%
Total potassium content (K) 37.8%
Solubility (g/I at 25 °C) 316
insoluble < 0.1%
EC ( 1g/l at 25 °C, in mS/cm) 1.3
Physical properties
Appearance Crystalline odorless powder
Colour White


  • It contains a unique ratio of Potassium and Nitrate nitrogen, with a white appearance that dissolves quickly in water and can be absorbed rapidly by plants
  • Nitrogen available in the form of nitrate nitrogen
  • Calcium will be fully water-soluble, Potassium is vital for bud formation and increasing the percentage of plant yiel
  • It is highly useful in crops like lettuce, spinach, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, and capsicum,it is also applied very well in Turf, forages and Pastures


  • Foliar Spray: 3 gm-6gm/L
  • Landscape: 150gm/m²
  • Soil application: 1.5gm/L
  • The rate of application will change depending upon soil nutrient content and plant nutrients requirements


  • 25 Kg