an Ideal NPK granular fertilizer  formulated with rich organic matter required for palm trees with a full range of trace elements specified for palm trees requirements  it Increases yield and improves the product quality

Chemical Properties
Total phosphorus content (P2O5) 6%
Nitrate-N 12%
Potassium (K2O) 24%
Humic Acid 6%
Organic Matter 22%
Physical properties
Appearance Granular
Colour Black
Moisture 2% Max
Chloride (0.1% Solution) 2% Max


  • is an organo-mineral NPK fertilizer made to satisfy the needs of many crops
  • it balancing the ratio of nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium and the further enrichment of sulfur and iron consent an excellent fertilizing technique,
  • It respects the real nutritive needs of the crops
  • It assures prompt and gradual nutrition due to the presence of organic and ammoniacal nitrogen and to the availability of quantities of completely soluble phosphorus and potassium


  • Small palms (Till 10 Years):1kg /tree/year – (3-4 applications during the season )
  • Large palms (more than 10 years):2-4 kg/tree/year - (3-4 applications during the season )


  • 25 Kg