Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate


is a unique combination of nitrate nitrogen and fully water-soluble calcium. It is suited to application through all fertigation systems.

Free of chlorine compounds, sodium, and heavy metals,it Can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilizers except stock solution containing either phosphate or sulfate

Chemical Properties
Solubility (g/I at 25 °C) 1200
insoluble < 0.1%
Total nitrogen (N) 15%
Total nitrate nitrogen (NO3) 14.4%
Total nitrate nitrogen (NH4) 1.1%
Total Calcium (CaO) 26.5%
Total Calcium (Ca) 18%
EC (1 g/I at 25 °C, in mS/cm) 1.3
Physical properties
Appearance Crystalline odorless powder
Colour White


  • It Improves the plant uptake of the cations K+, Ca++, Mg++,Calcium
    • It increases the strength of the cell wall, giving better quality, shelf life, and lifting marketable crop yield
    • -Helping plant tolerate disease and insect infection
  • Nitrogen is Available for plant uptake, resulting in fast growth


  • Foliar Spray: 3 gm-6gm/L
  • Landscape: 150gm/m²
  • Soil application: 1.5gm/L
  • Rate of application will change depending upon soil
  • nutrient content and plant nutrients requirements.


  • 25 Kg