Humic Acid 15%

Humic Acid 15%

Humic Acid 15%

 Increases Nutrients Availability and Promotes Nutrient Uptake, the conversion of several essential plant nutrients into available forms by chelating with the nutrients.

 Increases Water Hold Capacity increases soil aeration and workability, as well as better water movement, and increases the permeability of cell membranes.

Chemical Properties
Fulvic Acid 5% (W/V)
Humic Acid 15% (W/N)


  • natural humic and fulvic acid solutrion
  • It works as a pure natural plant nutrient, bacterial inhibitor, soil conditioner, fertilizer, and amendments
  • It increases nutrient availability, promotes nutrient uptake, enhances water hold capacity, and improves soil physical properties
  • It is free of chloride, sodium, and heavy metals


  • vegetables: 10-15 L/Ha
  • Open Field Crops: 5-10 L/Ha
  • Fruit Tree and Vines: 15-30 L/Ha
  • Greenhouses: 20-40: L/Ha
  • Ornamentals: 15-20: L/Ha


  • 25 Kg