Single super phosphate

Single super phosphate

Single super phosphate


Single fertilizer in the form of granules, containing a significant proportion of the phosphorus element necessary for soil fertilization

Chemical Properties
Nitrate-N 0%
Potassium (K2O) 0%
Phosphorus (P2O5) 20%
Physical properties
Appearance Granular
Colour Gray
Moisture < 2%
Granulometry (2-4mm) > 90%


  • SSP is high quality Phosphoric granular Fertilizer , one of the most common use phosphorus fertilizer in pre-planting stage for all types of crops.
  • Deficiency resulting from plant consumption, leaching and erosion factors. It is also characterized by containing a percentage of sulphur, calcium and Magnesium


  • It is using by distributing on the soil, and the addition can be repeated several times during the season as needed.
  • Vegetables 150-400 kg / hectare
  • Greenhouses 200-500 kg / hectare
  • Cereals and fodder 100-300 kg / hectare
  • Landscape 100-150 g / m2


  • 50 Kg